a little whatev about lima

I barely took out the camera in downtown Lima. Not because I was afraid to get robbed, though I’m sure that was a possibility. It was hard to find something I wanted to photograph. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the beauty of Buenos Aires.

Peru has a rich indigenous Andean culture, and the food never disappoints. But Lima was a letdown for me. Starting with the breathing—more like sucking from an exhaust pipe. And through the grayish fog, the buildings look thoughtlessly thrown up with a veneer of tacky. But not in that sexy way. Think Melanie Griffith, not Pam Anderson. I’m glad we experienced it, but I have no need to go back.

roof deck asado, don’t be jelso

Our favourite German* pal, Sven, is leaving Buenos Aires for Shanghai. He invited us over for some asado, some may say barbecue. It was his first time at the grill and the filets were scrumptious. When carne is this good, all you really need is heat and salt. Obviously Lucy, our favourite potcake, thought so to. She made that face to everyone at the table and I was defs suckered into passing many morsels her way. (Oopsies, apparently she threw up on her walk the next day.)

* We only have one German pal.