selima grows great food, and makes a lot of sense


I knew I had to write a piece about Selima after hearing her talk passionately about her farm. I knew I was going to do it someday, but it was just a matter of when we could find time in our schedules.

Definitely read the article if you want to know more about this brainy broad’s long journey from a kid who loved science to medicinal plant research, to motherhood and to starting the seeds of an ethnobotanical enclave in the Bahamas. It is a long article as we really get into topics like food security in the Bahamas. She has a lot of wisdom to share—and the best part is that she tells it straight. I definitely left the conversation feeling like I absorbed a lot of knowledge, but not like some smartypants assaulted me with their expertise for an hour. It is so refreshing when a knowledgeable person is also down-to-earth.

Click here to read the interview.