old new work, or new old work




Not too many moons ago, the nice folks at the NAGB hired me to design a catalogue for NE6. I know, acronym city! Typing full words is so ages ago.

But back to the point, the catalogue was hard work and well-received. More on that next post.

My favourite part turned out to be the mini-booklets I kicked in as an extra. All 41 artists in the show had a personalised booklet strapped up next to their work. Visitors could read about them, and see images of their works in progress. Curator John Cox also came up with a nice idea to unify the artists’ photos—pictures of their hands with their names scrawled across. There were ten random cover designs for the 41 booklets. Everything was black and white, and printed on a laser printer. And may I add the curatorial staff at NAGB mounted the books brilliantly. Wish I came up with that.

(The cover pictured here is a type-centric version based on a Joseph Conrad quote. JC was a big influence in the show’s theme, Kingdom Come.)

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