i pulled these out myself!

IMG_4547 beans

You could say I am more than a little obsessed with eating locally. Because the imported produce in Bahamian supermarkets is mostly wilty and expensive on a good day. Sometimes the quality is passable, but I don’t want to pay $8 for five kale leaves. Come on, you jerks in charge. Stop reaming the public/captive audience.

Then the local farmer’s market started in December. (It is too hot to farm in the summer months, as I learned.) It was amazing to eat fresher food and save money. Then I decided to combat my black thumb by volunteering once a week with them. Selima, the brains behind this operation, sent me home with some of the yellow beans I picked.

It sure feels nice to stir fry those pretty pods with some thinly sliced pork and a ton of garlic.

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