getting out there again

Goodbye zero social life! (No amount of doomsday warnings really prepared me for the isolation.) But hey, she is almost five months old and we’ve started mingling again. It was rough at first. Mila melted down at a baby shower with an inconsolable two-hour lung workout for our first foray into the world. This was two months ago.

We’ve been trying to get her out once a week. More for our sanity than for her to “get used to it”, as other parents advised. Since this New Year’s Eve, we’ve been doing ok in the social department. Now I can even take a baby-holding break to snap some photos. I almost feel like me again. I’ll have to balance this optimism with the sobering part about feeling like a zombie most days. But more of a functioning zombie than a snoozy one.

Oh yes, here are some pictures from Sunday lunch at the D’Alessandros.

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