who knew baby sleep would be so complicated?

Googled the phrase “sleeping like a baby” to see who coined it. No luck, but my money’s on a childless man. Because now I have said baby, and I’ve struggled for 11 weeks to get her to sleep.

That phrase really bothers me as this baby jerks awake to random sounds. Not to mention the screaming, crying and lurching when she’s tired and needs to go down. I was about to start despairing when a friend passed me a book about sleep-training. It explained that babies needed naps, and that eventually they should be trained to sleep independently by the controversial “crying it out” method. Yikes, I balked at that idea.

I did find the part about napping helpful. Not knowing that Mila needed naps—or what a tired baby looked like—novice mum over here was over-stimulating poor baby. That sleep-training book helped me with spotting tired signs, and now I can mostly get her to nap four times a day if she’s worn in a sling. My style of getting her to sleep is a very loose interpretation—and some may say deviation—from the book’s instruction. Which I found rather rigid and too numbery. I’ve never been much of a clock-watcher or number-cruncher, so I couldn’t really get into the spirit of it.

So now Mila naps more. And is not as grumpypants when her dad gets home. I still have a long way to go before I can stop waking to feed three times a night. I can’t say night-feeding completely sucks, because I get a cute little wriggle and grin every time I stumble over to pick her up.

2 thoughts on “who knew baby sleep would be so complicated?

  1. Speaking only as a childless person with lots of childly friends, it seems babies’ nap schedules are not to be messed with. I don’t know how much these friends stick to the the sleep training method but maybe it’s good to be strict at first and loosen up later. It’s only so that you get a reliable number of hours to sleep yourself.

    You can ask Little Wing about it along with my 10 other friends with babies. I’m sure they’d love to help. It’s a sisterhood.

    I love the pics of Mila. Oh boy, can’t wait to meet her. See you soon!

  2. glad mila is cooperating at 11 weeks. indio took 6 months to get his sleep under control, and only after a modified version of crying it out [with help from said book]. when we got it down pat [after about a week], he was sleeping 12 hours at night and 3 in the day in naps. heaven, i tell ya! keep posting photos.

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