it’s been a while

Before I popped one out, reading about other people’s babies didn’t exactly excite me. I liked looking at pictures of cute kids enough, but ho hum.

Yet now I post lotsa pictures of little Mila on facebook—when there is time between cluster feedings and washing diapers. It’s about all I can handle after a tiring delivery and giant life adjustment. That was probably an understatement. So I haven’t blogged because I’ve already facebooked. It’s quicker.

I wasn’t quite sure how to continue this blog, seeing that I am not physically going anywhere.

But then I decided that the title of the blog is kind of ambiguous, and that I can change gears anytime. So now I’ll sporadically post baby pictures and write about being a new mom with no clue. Whoa, radical.

4 thoughts on “it’s been a while

  1. for the record, you do not post nearly enough photos on fb. motherhood suits you, you look so glowy in this pic. and mila . . . there are no words to describe her beauty. xo

  2. it is radical when it comes from you. exactly because you were never gushy about babies i’m aching to know all about your experience before mila, delivering mila and living with mila and being a mom. gimme more!

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