montreal, first city i’ve ever co-piloted with mum

Not sure why I was bracing for being bossed around, but this experience was fairly egalitarian. Actually, I felt like I was in charge a couple times. Whatevs, this is one of my favourite cities, and there will be many street shots in the next post. I had such a great time that I feel compelled to list the highlights:
1. Stay at Le Plumard in the Plateau Mont Royal neighbourhood if you like mid-century modern decor in an indie-arty, park-lined area.
2. Eat at La Salle Á Manger and Chez Victoire for solid Francophone North American food.
3. Shop at Le Marché for great deals on feminine-yet-not-too-girly apparel & accessories
4. Soak it up by walking everywhere. It’s small enough.

I should also breathlessly mention that we were treated to a string quartet living room performance at our b&b. The musicians were from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Lucky us—they were amazing. I really should stop before people with jobs burst from annoyance.

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