adeline and mr. moo

Adeline and I have known each other since kindergarten. When we were eight, we both had cocker spaniels. Mine was Silky and she had Tracy. Other highlights in our friendship included our shared boredom during Chinese lessons, her insistence I change my favourite colour from pink to yellow, and my telling her to use light soya sauce (during a home ec. class) to achieve dark fried macaroni—yes it was confusing even then. Her macaroni turned out to be quite inedible because I couldn’t tell the difference between sauce types back then. Thankfully, we reconnected through Facebook, and she says she still doesn’t cook because the macaroni incident was terrible. She still loves dogs though—she’s rescued four—and we defs have that and more in common. Here she is with Mr. Moo. She says he’s a shitzu, but I think he’s the lovechild between a cat and a ball of yarn.

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