hands down, the best grub we had in hong kong

Seriously, I’ve seldom had better. The seafood at a Bowrington Road street stall was ridiculous. And by that, I mean a dimension beyond tasty. Fried cockles nestled in a practically hallucinogenic spicy sauce, scallops steamed in the original shell with a heap of vermicelli and spring onions (do I detect a hint of rice wine?), and the pepperiest and crunchiest fried crayfish to round it out. Sluuurp. Many thanks to Jason, my 25-year-old Auntie’s boyfriend. Her mum is my grandfather’s half-sister—my great-granddad remarried and had a much younger set of kids. No matter, these youngsters are technically a generation above me. “You better show some respect…” kids Jason (pictured). I really do, your food taste is impeccable and I owe you forever. Big heart, your new niece-in-law.

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