davidson tries to hoard all the braised duck rice

Like most Singaporeans overseas, I make a list of hawker stalls and coffee shops to hit the moment I am awake enough to chew. Lim Seng Lee’s braised duck rice coffee shop on South Buona Vista Road is on said list. Mum and I don’t exactly have to drag Davidson there. Once the plate of duck arrives at the table, Davidson situates it under his face and asks me, “Where’s yours?”

We had to remind him that we share here in Asia. He looked pained as I wrestled the plate closer to me. We ate competitively and everything was gone too soon.

3 thoughts on “davidson tries to hoard all the braised duck rice

  1. I have the same problem with Eric. But at least Davidson’s honest about his hoarding tendencies. Eric likes to pretend he can share fairly and not eating competitively to the bottom of the bowl.
    Looks delish. Hi to Mom!

  2. Ooh, the duck looks lovely! Pierre tends to just eat oblivious to the person with him (he’d better not be reading this haha) and very often, will order a second serving. LOL. That happened when I brought him to Geylang for frogs’ legs porridge – pretty sure I had half a pot and he downed one and a half. Should have seen the hawker’s face. Grrrrbbbiiittt.

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