finally, we arrive in cusco

It was muy hard to say goodbye to Huancayo. D and I got a lot from our time there. Energetic kids, warm hosts and a good look at life in untouristy Peru. Eli: Hacemos falta a todo, especialmente los abrazos de los niños.

Although Huancayo is between Lima and Cusco, there isn’t a good road through the Andes between Huancayo and Cusco. We have to take an overnight bus to Lima, and then fly to Cusco the next morning. When we arrive, we find a relatively cheap, clean and centrally located hostel. I think it is a good sign that they provided us with towels and Denise soap. And at least we have a private bathroom for 5 days—alert the Sultan of Brunei because we are living in the lap of luxury!

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