i can’t really eat a guinea pig

Cuy is a eaten by Peruvians on special occasions, like when the entire family gets together. As travelers, we’ve read about it from Lonely Planet or something like that. After a quick discussion, we decided to try Cuy on our last night in Huancayo with the other volunteers (so it wouldn’t be wasted if we were grossed out). I thought I could do it, but almost cried when the sizzling platter came out. I could barely taste the tiny morsel I tried. On a side note, I had no problem eating a whole fish that was similarly splayed out on a platter with its head on.

Davidson says it tastes like chicken, and Andy puts its head in his mouth. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “i can’t really eat a guinea pig

  1. yikes! you are brave. i thought i was bold with my cuisine (that is, when down with the flesh-eating) but i don’t think i could have braved that poor varmint.

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