after school special

We also helped out at an after school program in Urpaycancha, a village within Huancayo. At first, I colored with what looked like four-year-olds. Turns out some were at least six. Davidson helped some of them with math homework. Mostly though, the time was spent coming up with fun ways to memorize basic English vocab again. Sometimes, we’d go to the fields and play futból or pato-pato-pavo.

I brought my camera on the last day, and the kids reacted like I was giving away video games dipped in sugar. At least eight of them would yell, “Miss, miss! A mi! A mi! A mi!” whenever I aimed to shoot any other kid. I felt like I was on the set of Urpaycancha’s Top Child Model, but I guess that would make me the bald British judge who Tyra calls “Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker* “. Gross. Whatev, these kids are way better in front of a camera than any model wannabe.

(* Noted by whom?)

2 thoughts on “after school special

  1. Those little pigglets look tasty! mmmmmm… Yeah, all I can think about is food– it’s a wonder that I’m not 3-hundred lbs.
    Oh, and cute kids too. Looks like fun.

  2. these are beautiful!
    i’m verklempt.

    denise, i see you on your haunches. watch your ankles! and your knees!

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