how do adults get lost in a giant park?

“Go ahead of me,” I said. I wanted to take more photos and could tell that he was getting impatient with waiting, mostly because he was hungry. So he stopped hovering tried to catch up with Eric and Clara, a couple o’ speedwalkers who let us crash at their sick pad. I’m sure they didn’t realize that they would have to play lost and found with us overgrown kiddos.

Tired of squinting and fiddling with the camera, I looked up and Davidson was nowhere in sight. Felt slight panic, but I figured he was straight ahead so I sped up. Reached a bend and had a hard time deciding whether not to turn. Luckily, E + C spotted me and yelled, “¿Donde esta Davidson?” Uh oh.

I’ll spare you the details, and get to the main points: Eric and I searched for him while Clara stayed behind at the pond just in case. About half an hour later, Eric’s cell rings. It’s Clara saying that Davidson found her. He was frantic, mumbling and paranoid that I had been kidnapped. Eric and I had ventured so far that we had to take a cab back to them. Happy ending: we ate some brunch. I’ll post some of those pictures later.

(It’s actually funny to us now, but we were actually more than a little stressed. And did I mention homeless at the time? Best question yet: who decided we were capable of independent travel?)

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