homeless gypsies? naw, not really

Yep. We had a lil’ rental skirmish —we tried to move to a new spot on Good Friday (a serious Public Holiday here), but we had to pass on it. The place was a lot smaller than advertised, and they had no internet at all. High speed wifi was advertised, and I need some internet for the part-time gig. Plus we both had an inexplicable bad feeling the moment we entered that pad. Our rental company couldn’t relocate us immediately due to the holiday. So we walked around with our giant backpacks, eventually landing at a cafe with wifi. Emailed new friends Clara, Eric and Piper. We must have had some immense luck—they all offered to let crash until we found something.

We stayed at Eric and Clara’s last night, and are with Piper tonight. And their apartments are seriously decked out, comfortable and amaziballs. More impressive than that: the generosity. We are truly fortunate and appreciative. Even better, we found a place for Monday. Yay.

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