best adobo found!

Forgive me, I am enamoured. I’ve always been drawn to Filipino adobo, chicken or pork. In New York, my favourite lunches always featured adobo dishes from Bayan. There’s already a post on this blog about Filipino food featuring adobo. But those adobos seriously pale to THE ONE at Cocina Sunae, a puerta cerrada in the Chacarita barrio, owned by the very talented Christina.

It’s best I’ve ever had, and Christina got this recipe from her mother. I’d go on and on about the simple genius of simmering chicken in a secret blend of ingredients like soy sauce and vinegar. But I’ll spare the nonplussed further boredom from foodie rantings.

The other pictures are of the dinner party and the brilliant dessert: homemade green tea ice cream, a fried banana which reminds me of goreng pisang, and thinly-sliced pears. Yep, we had a good Saturday night.

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