hola hola hola, si, hola, si

Lazing on Saturday was my favourite thing about the Brooklyn. Yes, we’re in a new city and I want to see new things, but I run out of energy by Friday night. So we combined laying around and exploring, by going to a park/street fair in Plaza Francia to sit in some grass, city park style where we were welcomed by dogs sniffing around (they can be off-leash here. Woof!), hipster hippies and their matés (more on that later). Then we heard some guitar strings crackle through the speakers.

“Hola Hola Hola, Si, Hola, Si.” Strum Strum Strum. Now repeat that about 100 times. It’ll take about 45 minutes. Suh-wear. Whenever the strum was slightly different, we thought the guy would start singing. But no, “Hola Hola Hola, Si, Hola Si” was delivered.

Hey, not complaining. I remember waiting two hours to see Cody Chestnut at a 19th street bar in Manhattan. So I know I have patience for musical acts. We were just cracking up to the “Hola Hola Hola, Si. Hola. Si.” It’s way more entertaining than “Testing 1-2-3” .

(And yeah, I am one of those girls who likes to take pictures of feet. I embrace that cliché, okay?)

3 thoughts on “hola hola hola, si, hola, si

  1. Nice sandals!
    I remember that Cody Chestnutt show too. I don’t have your patience for musical acts so dios te bendiga again. The park looks lovely. Watch out for doggy mierda. Not miedo.

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