learning to communicate

Davidson and I have been doing a lot of Spanish homework this week. We’re working hard on getting our Spanish to a more acceptable level, and we’ve seen tiny improvements. For example, I’ve stopped asking women if I can touch their pictures while shooting for the Frisky. I thought tocar meant take. It means touch. Sacar is the right word. Well, thanks to these kind ladies for agreeing to let me touch their pictures.

Another funny one: I wanted to tell Davidson that I felt fear regarding speaking Spanish. The word for fear is miedo.

I said “Tengo mierda.”

He promptly pointed me in the direction of the nearest bathroom. Mierda means doody. I didn’t even mean to be fecal this time, but I guess it is in keeping with my favourite subject.

5 thoughts on “learning to communicate

  1. Ha ha!
    The same thing happens to me all the time. My grammar and vocabulary is horrid. From what you’ve written so far in espanish, you’re improving really rapidly! Very jealous soy yo.

  2. Haha. The most far-out language thing I’ve done is turn on the Chinese language option on my work phone. And typed 你好 to check that it worked.

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