time to tango

In our case, we just watched the pros do it in an undisclosed location. Eric and Clara took us to La Catedral—which is not a church, but a huge loft space in a nondescript building. The entrance bore a spicy mouldy odour, and the dank steps we walked up seemed like a mosquito haven. Unpleasant beginnings usually equal auspicious endings for me, and it’s true here. Amidst mismatched tables and sofas, couples were slowly slinking around in circles. Old dudes, young chicks, couples that look like they belong on a telenovela, hipsters etc. were all dancing the tango with personal style and serious technique. Then we met Piper, an American transplant who has been in Buenos Aires for 6 years. She’s been dancing tango for that long as well. Look at the those moves (pictured). So yes, we will be trying to learn this.

One thought on “time to tango

  1. that’s what i’m talking about. very exciting to learn tango from the source. i will be getting my “sh’s” ready to blend and my slinky black outfits, heels and spanx ready for the milongas (if) when we come.

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