best junk food

These days, we’re not exactly known as night owls. But hold on, these old bones can still handle it sometimes! It helps to have new friends thrown into the mix. We met Eric and Cara (through a fellow Brooklynite) for a bottle of wine and ended up drinking two. Cara also introduced us to a sick new kiosko snack. A dulce du leche chocolate nibble called Vanquita, which is one of many treats trademarked by the Fort family. Yumzo! Coincidentally, the heir to the Fort fortune is Ricardo Fort, who has a reality TV show we’ve been unable to turn off. I don’t have the words to describe the guilty pleasure—meaning the show and the Vanquita. (This found clip can’t even compare to the eyeful we get from the TV episodes)

One thought on “best junk food

  1. holy crap, this guy is diesel.
    funny that he’s so buff and owns a candy company.
    how are you liking the argentinean accent?
    i feel like a tattoo. or 30.

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