davidson’s coldplay review

I understand why many a music afficionado would put Coldplay at the same level as elevator music, or how their over-exposure can make a disgruntled Band of Horses fans shudder at every Chris Martin falsetto.  However, seeing Coldplay in a stadium with enthusiastic porteño fans really made me appreciate Chris Martin’s true strength—he engaged the crowd with a Bob Marley-like intensity.

A few memorable highlights from the concert:

1. The entire audience would regularly break into the famed South American soccer game chorus of “Ole! Ole! Ole. Ole”. It’s pretty awesome to hear it in a stadium setting.

2.The band starts playing “Fix You” (the one with the “lights will gui-i-ide you home” part) and this teenage girl next to us pops out her cell, hits her speed dial and screams, “¡Eschucha puta!” into the phone and holds it up for the entire song. What a friend.

3.Near the end of the show, Denise and I snuck down to the floor level (Brooklyn keeps on taking it!) and got to hear the band perform a Billie Jean acoustic cover and a new song “Don Quixote”.

Overall, it was a great show and my fave band, Bat for Lashes, opened so we definitely got our money’s worth.

4 thoughts on “davidson’s coldplay review

  1. I actually quite like Coldplay. Great easy listening stuff, fun to sing along to as well. In private where no one else can hear you, that is.

  2. I know right! Even Denise admitted she had a Coldplay earworm all yesterday. The guy can write a ballad that’s for sure…

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