Learning Curve: Taking the Bus

They call buses los colectivos here. The bus system is pretty extensive, with many lines serving the city pretty comprehensively. Each bus route has its own number, colours and bus stop. And disparate routes are part of collectives belonging to several different owners—hence the name. Sounds confusing, but porteños have found a way to make sense of it all with guidebooks like the Guia “T” or the Filcar (which we have). Here’s what we’ve learned:
1. Get the guidebook at a newsstand. Spend some hours on the guidebook. They’re confusing at first, but start to make sense because of osmosis. Swear.
2. Don’t just go to any bus stop. Each bus has its own number and its own stop. These numbers are not obvious and you have to employ the eagle eye for this.
3. Everyone has to flag the bus so the driver knows how many passengers to pick up.

This took us almost a week to get straight. Here, enjoy the fruit of our confusion and embarrassment.

4 thoughts on “Learning Curve: Taking the Bus

  1. This sounds so romantic, figuring out a new world of public transportation together. You know what I did today? Picked up the poop of two dogs.

  2. i remember when i was in Australia after college and many a bus passed us by before someone told us we had to flag it down. imagine that! i see tourists doing that here sometimes and i make myself hold back my cool newyorker snicker – haha

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