steak for dessert?

Finally, we tried parilla for the first time. It’s touted as the must-try Argentine dish in every guide we’ve read. Essentially, it’s different parts of a cow on a grill. In some restaurants, they serve you the grilled offal as an app before they bestow the choice cuts for the main course.

We ate at Miranda, situated in Palermo Hollywood. I ordered a Bife de Chorizo (pictured, a sirloin) and Davidson had a Lomo (tenderloin). His was Peter Luger level, and mine was heaven on a plate. (Vegetarians, close your eyes)

I wanted it medium rare, but didn’t learn how to say it in Spanish. The waiter said the term was jugosa. He went on to ask if I wanted it con sangre, which I understood to mean “with blood”. Definitely yes!

Then Davidson decided he needed another steak for dessert and looked to see if I could help him eat that. Um, maybe a bite because I was stuffed. We decided to go with another cut for some variety. The picture below is our skirt steak dessert. Happy day.

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