our first tormenta

Behold this flooded intersection. We waded through quite a few of these to get back home after being caught in a huge storm yesterday. Our initial reaction to the crossing the water was, “No way. Impossible.” We thought we could dodge it by detouring. Many detours later, we realized we could not avoid it. Davidson and I bit the bullet and walked through many pools of blackish water like the locals. “Impossible” definitely became “exceedingly unpleasant”. When we finally arrived at our apartment, our super told us that the electricity was out due to a storm. Fortch, the water heater is gas-operated so we enjoyed hot showers in the dark. My toenails are still grey from from wading in that “water”. I shudder to think what kind of doggie doo and construction dirt we were in. Blech.

2 thoughts on “our first tormenta

  1. I always loved las tormentas in Buenos Aires. Of course, my power never went out due to one.
    I love the smell of the city during a storm, and my favorite weather has always been warm rain so it makes sense. I suppose when I move there again I should bring my rain boots….

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