oopsies at the lima airport

The suffocating heat was the first thing we noticed on the connecting flight from Lima to Buenos Aires. After everyone boarded and buckled their seatbelts, we breathed and coughed among children screaming and more coughing for about 45 minutes. Without moving. Then they tell us to disembark because, “there is a plane on the runway.” They said that in Spanish so I thought maybe I heard that wrong.* We get in lines to unload ourselves back into the departure gate. Once seated, they tell us it will be 25 minutes. Long story short, we arrive 2 hours late. I want to point out that South Americans don’t do queues—it’s a mad dash to the gate (see pic below). And check out the view of the Andes underneath that.

* There was an American Airlines plane stalled on the runway holding it all up.

2 thoughts on “oopsies at the lima airport

  1. You are likely to encounter more such scenarios over the next 6 months. Oh well, gives you more topics for dinner conversations.

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