the prime minister fade

I will recount last night backwards, because the ending was the best part. Michael Edwards shows up after we’re almost done with our food. Toby exclaims,”The Prime Minister fade!” as Michael approaches the table. (Don’t get me started on political hair.)  He really does ask for the Hubert Ingraham at barber’s. That’s the last conch fritter he’s inhaling.

Before Prime Minister Edwards graced us, I ordered some delish conch fritters and Davidson got some guava duff—that thing is so sweet that it hurts my tongue. It looks like Felicity is enjoying her pineapple juice & seltzer combo. Seltzer makes everything more refreshing.

We started the night at a gallery party—the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas was welcoming a new curator. We didn’t get to see any art as those rooms were closed. But it was soops doops to get out of the house to see friends and drink wine. Socializing with creative types is comforting. Never thought I would consider that a major bonus until now. I’ll take it where I can get it, ya heard?

2 thoughts on “the prime minister fade

  1. You forgot to mention that Toby and I started devouring the coconut shrimp before you could even take a photo :-> we just couldn’t wait. and they were pretty good.

    I am a big fan of SEE THIS, SEE THAT ! look forward to following you guys

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