i ate this in five minutes flat


We stayed with Matt, Kenya and Cosmo while in London. They’re so stylish and photogenic that I will have to make a separate post on that issue later. The most amazing part of the stay was Matt’s cooking. He fattened us up every night with his major chef skills. Pictured are the before and after of a dish that involves roasted pork belly on sourdough, with some membrillo (or quince paste) spread in between. Roasted fennel, pumpkin and parsnips looking pretty and tasting good, on the side.

these days, i only seem to spend time with other people who have toddlers


I am also in love with Love Beach. A ten-minute drive from home that feels like another island away. Yes, it sounds boasty, but I really only go there every four months or so. Last time was on Christmas Day, this time it is easter weekend. I’m glad Gina & co. invited us to partake in the potluck and sunset action. Days like this don’t come around too often, so I need to be grateful for them.