roof deck asado, don’t be jelso

Our favourite German* pal, Sven, is leaving Buenos Aires for Shanghai. He invited us over for some asado, some may say barbecue. It was his first time at the grill and the filets were scrumptious. When carne is this good, all you really need is heat and salt. Obviously Lucy, our favourite potcake, thought so to. She made that face to everyone at the table and I was defs suckered into passing many morsels her way. (Oopsies, apparently she threw up on her walk the next day.)

* We only have one German pal.

cat lady time

We’re about to start our second week of Spanish class. Our teacher’s name is Christian, and his cat is Jasmin. She’s so pretty. Sometimes when I should be thinking about conjugation and tenses, I am actually staring at Jasmin jump around the potted plants in the balcony. Hmmm, my learning style has not really changed from the St. Nicholas days….

Okay, I will pay attention in class today or else a frustrated Zhuang Lao Shi will slap me with a ruler!

very touristy

Yup, we went to see the resting place of Evita. She’s located in the Recoleta Cemetary, which is a huge plot of mausoleums where rich people’s bodies chill out in really sculpted marble. Soy Cat Lady, so I went a little crazy over the cute stray kitties.