always a sucker for polka dots



This spread has all my favourite design aspects: a black and white colour palette; circles; and a Shelly Duvall-lookalike in stripes. I was just thinking about this layout today because Lewis Cho is about to update their website with the new Spring/Summer 2013 collection. This belongs to the previous collection. Which I found particularly inspired.

selima grows great food, and makes a lot of sense



I knew I had to write a piece about Selima after hearing her talk passionately about her farm. I knew I was going to do it someday, but it was just a matter of when we could find time in our schedules.

Definitely read the article if you want to know more about this brainy broad’s long journey from a kid who loved science to medicinal plant research, to motherhood and to starting the seeds of an ethnobotanical enclave in the Bahamas. It is a long article as we really get into topics like food security in the Bahamas. She has a lot of wisdom to share—and the best part is that she tells it straight. I definitely left the conversation feeling like I absorbed a lot of knowledge, but not like some smartypants assaulted me with their expertise for an hour. It is so refreshing when a knowledgeable person is also down-to-earth.

Click here to read the interview.

this opens up to 49 postcards and two posters



Way back in November, the NAGB had an exhibition titled Kingdom Come. I was hired to design and help with the concept of the catalogue. The client wanted something different from their previous catalogues, which were all perfect-bound books. They also wanted to print more cost-efficiently than before. So my task was to find that balance of designing something spare yet special. Which was a fun task since I’ve always liked indie mags like Purple that printed two-colour or even one-colour sections. I thought that would be a good way to save money. We printed only in black and a Pantone red spot ink. I also thought we should print, fold and produce in the Bahamas. Which was cheaper if we did some of the elbow-greasing ourselves. We ended up folding 350 of those booklets, and 700 posters into special booklets at a special folding party with volunteers. There was so much that went into the party, and I could get into it—but you can totally read about it here.

Most importantly, the production of this catalogue would be impossible without the efforts, expertise and advice from Sonia Farmer at Poinciana Paper Press.